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Washington Cannabis Institute brings both growing companies and career minded individuals together.
Our goal is to give you the knowledge and tools to be successful in your I502 Retail, I502 Producer and I502 Processor business.
I502 Retail, I502 Producer and I502 Processor businessIn today’s declining economy, we are preparing Americans for a better tomorrow, by educating them on a thriving new industry, that will not only help the current economy by providing taxpayer dollars for the government, but create employment for thousands of people who have been laid off by their employers due to the declining economy or out sourcing.
Come join us and become a part of this thriving new industry. Get educated and get the know-how of the business from people who are in business.
I502 Retail We don’t just present you with general information. We answer all the questions YOU have about YOUR business. We will personally introduce you to lawyers, accountants, consultants, real estate agents and web designers, etc or anyone we feel will move your project forward.
Don’t delay, get the information you need to get your business started and operating depending on your dedication and budget. We want to know how we can help YOU–not just feed you a bunch of useless facts.
retail license for I 502 YOU can become a part of the pioneer movement to completely legalize marijuana, not only in Washington but throughout America, and earn a good and comfortable living. Our staff is available to talk to you on the phone or email after the courses ANYTIME to answer any questions you may have missed. We are accessible and want you to succeed because–”YOUR success is our success!”

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